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About Brushvale Seed, Inc.

The Miller Brothers
Kelly, Casey and Jon Miller,
Owners of Brushvale Seed, Inc., are third generation farmers. Their entrepreneurial spirit has inspired them to successfully grow their farming operation, operate commercial grain handling facilities and trucking companies, and operate Brushvale Seed, Inc., the facility that for the past 25 years has processed and packaged the identity - preserved food grade crops produced on their farms.

Today the fourth generation of Millers are transitioning into the business.

Our farms plant only non-GMO (non genetically modified) crops and take extraordinary measures to ensure a non-GMO product for our customers. From the seeds we plant to every food grade product that we package and ship to our customers, we control and document every step. This offers complete traceability of our products.

What has been the key to our success?
Quality assured Today it takes much more than just hard work. No doubt honesty and integrity are at the top of the list. However, paying attention to detail, completing each task to the best of our ability, being reliable, treating people as we would want to be treated, and building lasting relationships are equally important.

More specifically, in the case of natto and tofu food grade soybeans, our success comes from the fact that we operate an internally managed vertically integrated program. The varieties produced are proprietary and often come from a breeding program operated on our farm. The planting seed is increased and produced on our own farms and cleaned in in our own processing facility. This virtually insures that the purity of the variety and seed is maintained. On our farms we go to meticulous detail to maintain the purity and documentation of our product for our customers. This enables us to trace the final product back to a specific field on our farm. Once the crop is harvested, we store and monitor every bushel in our own facilities, ensuring quality is maintained throughout storage and processing.

There are few things more valued in this business than trust, especially when it pertains to supplying identity - preserved food grade crops. You want to deal with people interested in long - term relationships - people that can be trusted to deliver high quality products. That's Brushvale Seed. We know your success depends on a world-class product. We also know that our reputation depends on our ability to deliver on that promise.

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